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Mika is the Founder and head #BossBabe at Sundry Soiree.  An attorney and sports & entertainment exec by trade, Mika spent nearly 10 years managing talent and athletes, and forging unique partnerships between them, brands and charitable foundations.   Throughout that time, Mika worked on a slew of live events, from massive Super Bowl activations to intimate charity events, and beyond.  After planning her own wedding in 2014, Mika fell in love with event planning within the wedding space (as well as saw the true necessity of having a coordinator to execute on your vision on your big day!), and worked  as an assistant for 3 wedding seasons before successfully launching Sundry in early 2017!

Meet Mika

Our Team

While Mika leads the charge on wedding and event planning, she has an amazing team of assistants that work with her hand-in-hand on the day-of to make sure that every little detail is covered, and every opportunity is taken to ensure a smooth and successful event.  Like our clients, our team is also a family, and there's nothing we love more than celebrating a successful wedding or event with a post-wrap champagne toast! 

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